The Dandelion School for migrant children (CHINA)

The project of relocating Dandelion School could become a wonderful model of collaboration between government, non-profits, and corporations in tackling one aspect of the huge social challenges raised by urbanization

Dandelion School is a boarding school in Da Xing, a suburb of Beijing. The school was founded in 2005 by a group of Chinese female professionals. Dr. Zheng Hong is a member of this group.

Dandelion is the first and only charitable, non-profit middle school in Beijing approved by the government, providing education specially for children from low-income migrant families. Millions of migrant workers and hundreds of thousands migrant children living in Beijing are lacking of official residential status that would grant the children access to public education.

Dandelion School currently has a capacity of some 700 pupils. About 75% of school funding must rely on support from charities and private donors. The school has a very positive atmosphere, competent staff and produces excellent results. Classrooms and dorms were originally located in an old, abandoned factory building renovated for the purpose. An amazing new campus will arise near the old one, which is going to be overrun by a highway leading to a new international airport.

The cooperation between KCF and Dandelion includes teacher exchange and financial support.