YOUTH ACTIVATION KCF helped found Johannesburg’s innovative Westbury Youth Centre in 2011. Located in a poor community with a history of gang-related crime and drug problems, the Centre brings nonprofit agencies and skills development programs under one roof to create a one-stop shop where young people can find a wide range of services and opportunities.

DIVERSE PROGRAMS The Centre offers in-house programs aimed at improving educational and advancement opportunities for marginalized youth. Examples include entrepreneurship development, computer use, media production, life skills, urban gardening, theater and music production and leadership development as well as partnerships with universities and training institutions that provide Centre participants with access to advanced skills and academic training.

SUSTAINABILITY KCF collaborates with the Centre’s directors to improve the sustainability of the program going forward. The Centre has attracted support from Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KONE South Africa, Investec, the Sage Foundation and Philips as well as the City of Johannesburg and the South African Department of Social Development.